Dave Strider ♎ turntechGodhead (urnewkingbitch) wrote,
Dave Strider ♎ turntechGodhead

[Text] 01st Time Loop

{OOC: Adstring members, this is not the journal you're looking for, in case you missed the warning. Also, COPY-PASTA OF DOOM!}

okay im pretty sure there was nothing like this anywhere near where i was
a huge mansion is definitely memorable even for a person with pretty a shit memory
anybody know where the nearest exit is??
ive got people to see shit to do places to go at certain times
im busier than the jolly old fat man on christmas eve
but in all seriousness what is this place
Tags: are you taking notes?, don't forget your bucket, enter the coolkid, icool, idave, knight of biznasty, knight of time bullshit, my bro was a ninja, strider is in the house, striderfying is a go!, sup, this is how we cool
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